Naked bodies in the earth

I live with a vigorous warmth in me
That touches to the body of the world
and bleed with it
and sweat with it
A vigorous hunger to be together to dive into each other’s invisible eyes
And swim with the slippery tensions that wrap around us.
I live with a tornado in me
It breeds life in red and in white and in black
With a sharp shining.
I live like so many women have lived
And so many of those women are buried alive with the hands of men.
The idea of justice might get lost in the labyrinths of reasoning
But what are we left without it above the ground?
Murderous hands pacing upon the earth
That has accepted the bodies of women
Laying still with those vigorous tornadoes.


Gone Baby gone , When I like to be naive, a Dark love

When you leak into my eyes
And my eyes are shut,
I hope to see you in a darkness where everything else disappears.
Then you look at me because
Falling in to a love is to be seen
but to be deprived of being heard.
Sensation raises and my fnn yygn yygiger tips trembles
I look around and to be seen is not there anymore.
If only we could lock down the time
To remain in a safe heaven of imagining us together.
I would desire to run away with you
To walk hills and rivers and clouds
and sky enclosing us…
We would become something other
We would not remain ourselves.

Take off my clothes and rip them and burn them because I have worn them too long, An ode to nakedness

Take off my clothes and rip them and burn them because I have worn them too long
An ode to nakedness

My blood do not want to be contained they want to flow- flow
over me, downwards me
They want to drip drip
to the soil beneath me
Like the waters in the sky
Like the waters of the sea
I want to splash myself to the dark soil that I love deeply
I want to go in it deeply before I lay in there for eternity
I need the time , I need a love story with it before I sink in for the final move.
But all these knots knitted by my fingers contain me
From all the bitterness outside and from all the bitterness inside
I feel the red, pink and dark and beige flesh of mine,it is tender.
More tender than my desires can handle.
My feelings weave layers and layers to contain me where my flesh can not remain.
I feel it, my soft squishy flesh is mostly made of the waters in the skies or waters in the seas
But I feel the barriers my fingers brought upon me
Woven over me, cutting my breath, and cutting off the bitterness of the wind
However, with the wind, we have a complicated friendship together
I am alone and sweaty without it.

All those stories

There has never been a thing more enchanting
Than the gaze of the innocence starring at the end of world that rises in the horizon instead of warm sunlight
Than a scared pair of lovers ripped violently from the destiny of reproduction and mutual destruction
There has never been a thing more enchanting
Than the vain stare at one`s own mirror gaze
Realizing one obnoxious fact that no human can understand,
That self realization is an impossible act.

Ursula Le Guin – Lavinia




Ursula Le Guin’in Lavina Romanı Üzerine

Hazal Arda

” ‘Savaş olmadan kahramanlarda olmazdı. ‘

‘   Peki bunun ne zararı olurdu?’

   ‘Ah Lavinia ne kadar kadınca bir soru bu.’ “

Ursula LeGuin,  yeniden yorumladığı Vergilus’un Aenas’ından gizli kalmış bir karakteri, bir kadını, gölgelerin ve geçmişin içinden  Lavinia’ yı çağırıyor. Karakterini utangaç bir yemek masası figürü olmaktan çıkarıp, o masanın koruyucusu ve yaratıcısı haline getiriyor. Lavinia kendi sesini bulurken,  hikaye Vergilius’ un ayak izlerini takip ederek geçmişe dair anlatıların ihmal edilmiş yönlerine de sahip çıkıyor. Lavinia’yı yazın tarihinde sıkıştırıldığı yerinden çıkarıp   çok uzun zamandır anlatılmayı bekleyen bir hikâyenin berraklığıyla anlatılan bir gerçek olarak sunuyor. Continue reading “Ursula Le Guin – Lavinia”

Poem/ Lets go to Italy

Lets go to Italy and have espresso
let the earthy walls feed us with sun light
We shall sit and stretch our legs, listen to the familiar sounds of a foreign musical
Watch the birds fly over us like they have done many times in all the other places we were
The river will flow right in middle of us like they do in the all cities of all people and animals and ants
We shall bring a piece of green amour from past travels
and a bit from our gaze
in our gaze, your eyes sparkle in ice blue and smash with my summer eyes
then we make a green .
Let us smell like flowers that comes from the core of the world
With the rocks and underground and joy of reaching to sky.
We need to be two
to smell each other and to blossom in green
cause neither of us have it all on our own.

Siir / Belki bir sarinin icinde saklanan maviyim

Belki bir sarinin icinde saklanan maviyim, belki bir citin icinden boynunu uzatmisim onunlayin sanki
Belki yaninda oturuyorum ama unuttugum baska bir yerdeyim.
Belki uc kelime soyluyorum yalniz biri senin icin ikisi sozumu saklamak icin.
Belki saclarimla kendime bir perde oruyorum ki sakindigin o ince yerlerini gormeyeyim diye.
Sabah gozlerimi acmak istemiyorum korlesmeyelim diye
Bir ruyanin sahtekar ciplakliginda konustuklarimiz duyulmasin.
Urpermesin sakin kulaklarimiz anlamadiklarimizla.