Poem/ War

Why haven`t I given in to loving you?
Letting you be there with me
In the midst of that place
Where I lose my face, hands and form .
Where touching mediates the oneness of a lonely creature.

Because if I had loved you with the truest fire
There would be no end to it.
I would be lifted up with fearless wings,
There would be no ends to anything.
I would dare to fall all the way to the bottom of a rabbit hole,
All the way to the steel core of  the earth:
Still melting, still living.
I would have denounce all the strings keeping the blood intact.
I would unleash – We would unleash a war that is galaxy old.
A war that I sucked it from the nipples of my mother.
I have dived it, in the eyes of my father.
That is where I have known love,
That is where I created love,
That is what the world has given me for love.
Alas, the war keeps knocking on the door with different faces,
I wandered all around the belly of life and remained unable.
I feel ready for one last war
The one that will take us all.


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