The death of the spinster


Why is it portrayed as a tragic end, the death of the spinster? Okay she was eaten by her own cats, her body hasn`t been found for days , weeks perhaps. Yet,when i look at her death,  I see the bravery of all women who stood against any rubbish the world  proposed them as  sketchy lives. In her own way she didn`t give up on keep living, giving love and receiving it. In it is wildest and beauty. Who are better messengers of such love than cats? Loving cats is transcendentally beautiful. So un -selfish. Maybe it was a recognition of her  own lust for self- adoration , she was watching it all bottled up in the flow of the cats. Those cats offered her recognition while no human was capable. And eating her? Is this such a horrible act? Or is it a pure passion? To take her in their sacred bodies, keeping her in their life cycle, kissing the death away by such a bite that only the fierce passion of nature could do.

If there is a tragedy of life there , it is belongs to the by-standers who only witnessed her life and death.


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