POEM / Remember

Remembering is healing . It is one way of outliving the bitterness of a memory which could`t live enough. The memory of lives that didn`t live enough. A memory of dying in baby arms and faces or a life spent like a palm tree under the shadow of a house. Remember is to let them live. Share a bit of our breath with them so they don`t choke us, strangle us to a ghostlike life.

Remembering is transforming. Letting go of yourself, your status quo of presence, who you think yourself is, facing all the possibilities you have never wanted for yourself and amazing yourself. Every amazement is one step out of this world, it lets you see that there are so many other worlds to step out to. As many worlds as you have the ability to be amazed, to fall into a whirl that will bring you to the  most earthly wonderland. Stilling, transforming and stilling. It is your eyes that put fragments onto life. Like two beams of projection, with limited perception, they fool us every moment that world ends at the corner of our eyes. We contradict ourselves every moment. Your eyes tell where everything ends and you look around in haste to have more, at the same time you ears tell a lot more is already happening all around you. The back of your head tells you a pair of eyes looking at  you in such an intensity that your eyes can never catch, that is the only way you can know that stare. Your back tells you a long journey of the wind leaking into room, your feet tells you memories that even your nose can`t remember.

I am many and one. Not god, not world, not universe, me. That is all I know that is all I can know.

As the world remembers me, I change, I become, I am. As I remember the world I change it, I make it, it happens.


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