Poem / To The Risk Society

Come back to today.
Your walls are covered with white cracks,
Yet they are standing.
They have hold people before you,
And now they are falling in dusts to your bed, onto your sleep now.
There is wind and rain outside,
And the trees bend with a power.
Your walls,
They might crack over your dreams.
Come back to today.
The future of your walls is not yours.
Stop remembering what is yet to happen,
Only blinds can walk with an erected spine,
In the realm of fear .
There will be whispers of dark men waiting for you in the shadow of the stairs,
The same stairs where your father left.
Come back to today and to your cracking walls,
They are waiting with you, cracking with you, covering your dreams,
Even after you look for the realms that have long abandoned you.
There is no world than the one you are in
But you are yet to know:
The yearning is the truth that you are in and
it is above this world.
You Whirl and sweep the dust of starry memories into an infinite swallow.


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