Poem/ Fullness

Originality was a haunting ghost
A heroic image running on untraceable horses
Flourishing with the pedals of hope
in the splashing waves of clapping
Of two clashing energies: left and right
Landing on a ecstasy dance
Our feet would tap the ground sending messages to the global web the ones our fingers couldn`t tap
The brightness of screens were an un-demanding un-lonely friend, the brightness of screens were the brightness of our face finding endless desires of our hearts
Bright mirrors of our dark corridors that we walked in day and night
Being one and all , alone and together , seated and active
Laying on our backs hearing the cracking of our bones imagining all the chores lifting them up to the tips of our fingers with a bright mindfulness
Our legs spread open
Letting go of the generations,
Living in a time of all times,
encapsulated in our late times.


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